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About Us

A message from the founder:

Serendipity has now brought you and I together in a quest to uncover the awesome potential of wine produced in Utah.  Zion Vineyards, with its humble beginnings and deep-rooted passion serving as a compass, continues to redefine the possible through a steadfast devotion to supreme quality and an embodiment of the frontier spirit.  I invite you to become part of this new beginning – for both Utah and Zion Vineyards – as we raise our glasses to a bright future.

With its five national parks alone, Utah offers an endless canvas of discovery and lives up to the mantra that you can drop your camera on the ground and the picture it takes will still be worth keeping.  The state’s limited precipitation, long growing season, and unique soils also offer a promising outlook for locally produced wine with an unmatched complexity and smoothness best uncovered by Zion Vineyards selections.  The rugged desert environment, together with our spirit of craftsmanship and experimentation, consistently presents us with wines with deep character and complex notes that personify the enthusiasm of our team of Rob Cec, Dan Birch, myself and the resilience of our vines.

With certain varietals stepping forward from year to year, our winemaker Rob Cec continues to out do himself so we can showcase selected flavors to achieve an optimal balance, complex flavors and velvet-like texture.  Particular success has been achieved with our Cabernet Sauvignon, Primitivo, Zinfandel, and Petit Sirah, though Syrah, Tempranillo, Malbec Rose, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and Grenache Blanc all regularly bring their own unique qualities to the table.  In 2015, our Zinfandel won the bronze medal in the Colorado state wine competition with subsequent years seeing Syrah and Petit Sirah winning gold at about the same time we released our first white wine offerings.  2019 was banner year when we again took gold but this time with our Primitivo Zinfandel and our Carignan and a silver medal for our Syrah to top it all off. 2022 brought even more success as we submitted 10 wines in the Utah wine competition and received a medal for all 10 submissions with our Tempranillo taking gold!  Each day I am amazed by the flavors drawn from our arid soils, how fruit forward and smooth drinking our wines are, and thankful for those I have to share it with.

Zion Vineyards welcomes you to Utah with your new purchase or by visiting ‘our beginning’ – our tasting room oasis amidst the picturesque high-desert landscape on the outskirts of Zion National Park.  I look forward to personally seeing you soon!

Michael B. Jackson, Sr.


Press inquiries should be directed to the Chief Tasting Officer, Greg Parsons by using the contact form to the right. Inquiries will be responded to within 1 business day.