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Red Zinfandel is a black and blue skinned grape variety that’s most notably grown and incredibly popular within the United States.

In the glass, this grape tends to adhere to lighter-bodied characteristics while simultaneously maintaining big flavors. This is largely due to Zin’s elevated acidic content and classically high alcohol content (up to 17% in some cases).

This grape variety is packed with flavors resembling ripe red fruit – including raspberry, raisin, cranberry, cassis and plum. These jammy fruit flavors are often backed with distinct black pepper spice, tobacco, dry barnyard door and coffee.

While these are the generalities, Zinfandel flavors can vary and alcohol content is an influential ingredient.

Depending on ripeness at the time of harvest, it’s believed that cooler climate Zins adhere to more red fruit flavors while warmer climate varietal wines contain more black fruit and pepper nuances.


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